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Friday, August 28, 2015

The disadvantages (cons) of using Smartphone

Invention of Telephone and Cellphone

Telephone was invented mainly to communicate , but now we are living in a world where the phone has become smarter than the people. It's not just a phone, the high end smartphones are now more powerful than a super computer of old time.
Alexander Graham Bell invented Telephone in 1876, these made the way of communication much more easier. Things have become even more easier when the cell phone was invented in 1970. It was introduced by Motorola in 1973, and the weight of the phone was 1.1 KG (2.42 pounds) !!! Can you believe using a phone which weighs 2.42 lb? Today, people would rather prefer to use it as dumbbell for exercising.

Without any doubt modern smartphones are helping us in numerous ways, and making our life more enjoyable. I don't feel the need to make an article on this because all of us are already using a smartphone and well aware of the advantages. So, I have decided to write this article only on disadvantages, because it is very important to know the disadvantages so that we can limit our daily smartphone uses to avoid any harmful affect.

Disadvantages of overusing Smartphone

1) Less social interaction: People are now spending their spare moments on phone than doing any other real activities. Meaningless stupid memes in Facebook seems to be more interesting than doing any real activities. For example, in past if you are waiting for a friend in a park, you would take your time to enjoy the nature, think about new ideas or start doing some exercise in the park. But now people would engage themselves with their smartphone and kill the time.
We all have seen friends getting busy with their phone instead of talking to each other. Both Husband and wife seems to be busy with their phone when the baby is having a lonely time. This has to be the biggest con of using smartphone. Indeed smartphone is making our social life look stupid.
Lots of friends in Facebook but few in real life: You might have lots of friends/followers in your Facebook or twitter but how many real friends do you have in your life? How much time do you spend with your real friends compare to the time you spend in Facebook? Instead of going out and paying attention to our real friends, we are wasting our time in internet and end up feeling lonely in one stage.

We don't remember Birth date or Phone numbers anymore

Back in old days we used to memories the phone number or birth date of our closed ones but now we barely remember them. We have to depend on our smartphone's contact list to contact the person. Some of the people don't even bother to remember their own phone number. What if you lose your smartphone in an urgent situation and you have to contact with someone urgently? In this case you would not be able to reach the person even if somebody else was willing to help you by letting you call through their phone. So, lets remember the birth date and phone number of our closed ones because you never know when you will need it.

We don't live the moment

When something important or historic is happening in front of our eyes, what is the first thing people do? Instead of enjoying the moment live , they will switch on the camera of their phone and start recording it. Usually people who records never enjoys the moment because they don't live the moment. You will have the opportunity to see the recorded video later on but you won't get the opportunity to enjoy it live. Watching something live is never going to be equal to watching something from the video. When other people are busy in recording , you should stand out of the crowd and live the moment. Don't get upset for not being able to record, because there are plenty of dumb people have recorded and you can also watch it later on.

No privacy

We share too much personal information in internet such as where are we going, with whom we are going, our relationship problems, medical problems etc. Sharing such things online is never going to solve our problems. Instead of solving our problems it might create new problems. For young women/ teen girls this could life threatening as there are many predator out there looking to trap them.

Texting while driving

Texting while driving is not only dangerous but also life threatening. This is one of the major cause of vehicle accidents. Besides, if cops sees you texting while driving, you could end up with a big fine.Unfortunately, we are addicted to texting so much that we can't resist ourselves from texting no matter what we do. To be honest, I am also addicted to do texting and texting sometimes when I am driving. I am lucky not to face any problem yet and I am trying my best not to text while driving. I think if we have anything urgent while driving, we should call using the Bluetooth or park our car and then send messages as much as you like.

We sleep late at night

People who are addicted to their phone are more likely to sleep late at night. This could cause problems in waking up on time for work or school. This problems eventually might cause several health problems.

We don't remember location

We don't remember location because we are dependent on GPS . Although Google map is a very handy tool but it is always better to remember the location by using your brain. Because not all the time GPS will be available with you and sometime it takes some time to update new roads in the map.

We don't bother to learn proper spelling

What is the point of learning spelling when you have auto correction feature in your phone? Yes you can correct your spelling by using your phone but there will be times when you have to write physically by using your hand. So, learn the proper spelling to avoid embarrassing moments.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and limit your smartphone use to have a happy enjoyable life. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to make Youtube dance with Harlem Shake?

Harlem shake the crazy song has become very popular on YouTube. You would find thousands of Videos where people are showing their awkward dancing move on this song. People are making videos with different costumes and showing different moves. Most of these videos are really hilarious.

After the popularity of Harlem Shake, YouTube has included a new feature. Now you can make Youtube dance with Harlem shake music.

First, go to
Then Type Do the Harlem Shake and press enter. Enjoy the show :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Gangnam style reached 1 billion views to become the most viewed video on earth

"Gangnam Style" the Korean song has reached more than 1 billion views which makes it the most viewed video on earth. The most surprising thing is that the video has reached this amazing milestone under 6 months. The artist of the song PSY (Park Jae Sang) has become popular worldwide for his funny dance move and taste of music.

It is not only the most viewed video but also the most liked video on YouTube. Currently it has 6+ million likes. Do you like the song? Have you ever wondered what made this video so much Popular? To answer this question I have written an article - Why Gangnam style is so much popular? 

Enjoy the song and let us know your comment on this milestone.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Google image search trick: How to verify the original source and description of an image by using Google

In this Blog I will show an awesome trick to verify the originality and description of an image. If you are curious about a picture but do not have any idea about it, you can use the trick to know more about the picture. You can also verify the original source of the picture. You can also verify whether it is fake or real. The trick is very simple and easy. 

How to use the trick: 

2. Keep the Google image Tab open in your browser. Now find the picture and drag it  on "Google image tab". 

Let me show you more clearly. Look at the picture below : 

Now hold down the picture and drag it on the other tab (Google image search tab) for a while. The new tab will be opened automatically within 3 seconds. As you can see in the picture at your right side. In the Google search bar you will see "drop the image here" option. Drop the image on the search bar and wait for few seconds. Uncle Google will tell you everything about the picture. Google will tell you all the description of this picture , the real identity of this player , the original source of this picture etc. Sometime in Facebook you will see some people/pages will upload this kind of rare picture and ask the name. You can simply use the Google image tool and answer it immediately. 

I hope you have enjoyed the trick. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

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Friday, December 7, 2012

How to record funny Computer generated speech - Online computer voice generator

Folks in this blog post we are going to share another awesome link where you can create computer generated speech of many different languages. You can also choose different voices with different accents. You can also choose different effect to create some funny speech.

As you can see in the above picture , at fist you have choose your language. Then You have to choose the type of voice you want to select. There are many characters avaliable with different accents. Currently there are 30 languages avaiable. That means you can create speech of 30 different langauges. Isn't it cool? You can also apply different kind of effects, such as whispering , pitching voice , speeding up etc.

This online tool can be very handy for the people who want to create speech but do not like to share their own voice. You can apply these voices in your videos as well. Hope you will enjoy it.