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Monday, March 4, 2013

How to make Youtube dance with Harlem Shake?

Harlem shake the crazy song has become very popular on YouTube. You would find thousands of Videos where people are showing their awkward dancing move on this song. People are making videos with different costumes and showing different moves. Most of these videos are really hilarious.

After the popularity of Harlem Shake, YouTube has included a new feature. Now you can make Youtube dance with Harlem shake music.

First, go to
Then Type Do the Harlem Shake and press enter. Enjoy the show :)

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Gangnam style reached 1 billion views to become the most viewed video on earth

"Gangnam Style" the Korean song has reached more than 1 billion views which makes it the most viewed video on earth. The most surprising thing is that the video has reached this amazing milestone under 6 months. The artist of the song PSY (Park Jae Sang) has become popular worldwide for his funny dance move and taste of music.

It is not only the most viewed video but also the most liked video on YouTube. Currently it has 6+ million likes. Do you like the song? Have you ever wondered what made this video so much Popular? To answer this question I have written an article - Why Gangnam style is so much popular? 

Enjoy the song and let us know your comment on this milestone.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Google image search trick: How to verify the original source and description of an image by using Google

In this Blog I will show an awesome trick to verify the originality and description of an image. If you are curious about a picture but do not have any idea about it, you can use the trick to know more about the picture. You can also verify the original source of the picture. You can also verify whether it is fake or real. The trick is very simple and easy. 

How to use the trick: 

2. Keep the Google image Tab open in your browser. Now find the picture and drag it  on "Google image tab". 

Let me show you more clearly. Look at the picture below : 

Now hold down the picture and drag it on the other tab (Google image search tab) for a while. The new tab will be opened automatically within 3 seconds. As you can see in the picture at your right side. In the Google search bar you will see "drop the image here" option. Drop the image on the search bar and wait for few seconds. Uncle Google will tell you everything about the picture. Google will tell you all the description of this picture , the real identity of this player , the original source of this picture etc. Sometime in Facebook you will see some people/pages will upload this kind of rare picture and ask the name. You can simply use the Google image tool and answer it immediately. 

I hope you have enjoyed the trick. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

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Friday, December 7, 2012

How to record funny Computer generated speech - Online computer voice generator

Folks in this blog post we are going to share another awesome link where you can create computer generated speech of many different languages. You can also choose different voices with different accents. You can also choose different effect to create some funny speech.

As you can see in the above picture , at fist you have choose your language. Then You have to choose the type of voice you want to select. There are many characters avaliable with different accents. Currently there are 30 languages avaiable. That means you can create speech of 30 different langauges. Isn't it cool? You can also apply different kind of effects, such as whispering , pitching voice , speeding up etc.

This online tool can be very handy for the people who want to create speech but do not like to share their own voice. You can apply these voices in your videos as well. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Discover the size (scale) of the huge universe - An awesome site to discover the universe

I have been very busy lately. In this Blog I am going to share an awesome website where you can discover the objects of this whole universe. You can also learn lots of new things by clicking on the object. This website could be a great tool for the science students.

How to use the site : 

It's very easy to use the site. You just have to scroll to the right side of your screen to see the bigger objects and to the left side of the screen to see the smallest objects. You are definitely going to be amazed with the size and amount of new objects. Click on any of the object to learn more about them. Isn't it wonderful?

Just go to this link and discover the universe : ) 

Thanks for visiting my

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

All You Need To Know To Buy The Latest Mobile - Smartphone buying tips

There may be several questions in your mind before buying a new mobile. One mobile might offer you a better display and the other may come with good storage and so on. It is always difficult to select the latest mobile as one may appeal to you with its amazing features and the other with is look and design. However here are a few tips to help you select a good mobile phone from the latest on the market:

There are various versions available on the market. Try to buy the latest version and enjoy all the latest specifications. Every version today is being updated monthly so select according to your convenience. There are phones for various purpose and they come with different features.

This is the most important aspect of any mobile phone. Features play a vital role in any mobile. The success of the phone depends on its features. The more the features, better the phone. Hence opt for features that are useful and better. Checkout all the features of the phone such as the battery life, mp3, camera, OS, applications and so on before you make the purchase. Picture clarity and the audio clarity must be checked.

Another important thing to remember when buying a phone is the operating system. There are various operating systems and these support various applications. The whole mobile depends on the OS. There are several OS such as Ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, gingerbread, iOS, windows so on. The latest operating system developed by Android is Jelly Bean 4.1 and iO6 by Apple. So depending upon your need select the operating system.

Inbuilt Apps:
Inbuilt apps are important. Apps such as inbuilt music store or inbuilt maps are very useful. Now everyone is using maps for navigation. In built GPS plays a vital role. Music lovers want to download several songs hence some phones come with music store where you can download thousands of songs.

Earlier mobile phones were available only in the classic colors such as white or black. But today, you can use a mobile which is pink in color  You have a variety of shades to choose from and you can even change the panel color of the mobile. Colors are always good to look at and they attract the eyes immediately. So check out for colors when you buy the phone.

Size of the Memory:
There are various memory sizes available on the market. Again you have two options, the inbuilt memory and the expandable memory. Though you may get an inbuilt memory of 512 MB you can have an external memory up to 32 GB depending up on your mobile compatibility.
The above-mentioned are a few tips to help you buy the latest mobile. A new mobile is launched almost every month and not all models are good hence select the phone with good features and which caters to all your needs. Always take a wise decision and do not get swayed by the public demand. What works for others might not work for you. Hence select smartly.

Hi there, I am Maria, from Manchester. I am an active blogger and write about the latest technology in mobile phones. I also write articles on finance, about bad debts, PPI Claims and so on. Follow me @financeport

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Friday, October 19, 2012

5 best puzzle games for Android Smartphones

Puzzle games are always a good source of entertainment whether it is played on a personal computer or on mobile phones. Nowadays there are so many types of puzzle games that are offered on the internet. These games are simple in graphics but are very interesting and addictive, you can play for hours.
These games can make your brain sharp and improve your problem solving abilities. There are hundreds of puzzle applications for your mobile phones. Below are the 5 most popular applications for android based smartphones:

1. Amazing Alex: Amazing Alex is the best physics based game which was developed by Rovio entertainment ltd. the maker of the very popular Angry Birds. This application is very addictive and can make you glued to your mobile phone. In this advanced game you need to interact with various things and figure out the best way to complete the stage. In the initial stages the whole concept appears to be very easy but as you climb the levels the difficulty increases. The graphics of this app are amazing and it has more than 100 levels. The price of Amazing Alex software is £0.69.

2. CrypticaCryptica is one of most popular problem solving games for android phones. It is all about ancient history and the mysteries. The main aim of this game is to save the temple by solving the secret to the vaults that were written many years ago. There are basically two versions of this software, one is an advertisement free version and another is ad version. These are easily available on the Playstore. The one which is free from advertisements is a paid application.

3. 100 Gates: This is another famous puzzle game for Smartphones. It has simple graphics and can really improve your problem solving skills. You need to solve tricky combinations for opening gates. Hints have been provided and you need to find all the possible ways to open the gates. As you keep on clearing the levels, the puzzles get trickier.

4. Bejeweled
: Bejewelled is the well-known match three gems style game which was developed by the world famous Electronic Arts (EA) and co. Basically there are three styles in Bejewelled they are action, classic and endless. It is not free software and it can easily be downloaded through Playstore for £20. When you’re choosing an action mode you need to match the gems within the time to finish the level. If you’re choosing endless mode then there is no limit for time. If you are playing classic mode you will get points for clearing the level.

5. Unlock me: Unblock me is an application that improves your decision making skills. As soon as you start the game you will find few boards of similar colours and one board with a red colour. The main goal of these games is to unblock the red coloured block from the similar ones. Unblock me is usually divided into 4 categories i.e. from beginner to pro. This is a free widget that is available on Google’s playstore.

There are so many puzzle games for android smart phones. Some of them are freely available and some are to be purchased. If you do not own a smartphone due to lack of money, loans for bad debt can help. You can benefit from this facility by just applying online.

About the Author:
My name is Michelle.  I am a tech writer from UK.  I am into Finance :).  Catch me @financeport

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